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Damn!!! It's tough being a dark skinned brutha. When I hit the club, and peep a tasty looking yellow bone, she usually won't give me the time of day. For some reason, they don't think we're on the same level. All I can say is, BITCH...You're black, just like me!

Every once in a while, I come across a light skinned sista that is up for me laying some pipe, so I take her home. Little does she know, that all I have in my mind is that it's time for some payback...RACIAL PAYBACK. When I lay that bitch down, my goal is to fuck her throat until she's a sloppy, puke covered mess. Once it's time to get all up in her guts, I'm bangin' those ovaries with my 12 inches until the mascara is drippin' down her light skinned cheek. If she's real uppity, I'll fill up that tight asshole and really bang the brown out of her.

I've got one goal! For these uppity bitches who's goal it is to climb the social ladder by datin an marryin whitey, I goin to tear that pussy up prison style, so that small dick crakka fool aint even goin to be able to feel that pussy when he penamatratin!

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